Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Spagat - İstanbul design exhibition

Tassel Hassle, The Spagat Trio and Headleg... These three art pieces created by Ömer Ozan Erdoğan in contribution with Creative Bonanza, consist of one character set (The Spagat Trio) and two other distinct characters (Tassel Hassle and Headleg) Located at different parts of the museum, the characters are all related to eachother by the materials used, design characteristics and stories. Black and pink faux-leather gives the characters a fetish look. Synthetic fiber and sponge are used for the fillings.

The names refer to design details and the characters’ personalities. All the pieces have rhyming stories, which include hints about their design influences and personalities. Characters’ designs are inspired from Istanbul city life, people living in Istanbul as well as Ömer Ozan Erdoğan’s personal approach.

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